Noticias Agosto 2020

2020 6mR European Championship postponed to 2021


21 de Abril de 2020

The Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo (RCNS) has been closely monitoring the COVID 19 crisis, and the associated travel restrictions and general uncertainty. All the big sporting events are being postponed, even the Olympics. We have stayed in touch with the different fleets and everybody shares the concerns about the situation. 

The RCNS Board has met electronically, and we regret to inform you that we are forced to delay the 6mR European Championship by one year. Our sponsors have understood very well the decision and share the reasoning behind it. We believe it would be unfair for the competitors that would face very different opportunities to train and, in some cases, even the legal impossibility to attend the Championship, so there is no other possible decision. 

Our intention would be to do the same that other metric classes have done (such as the 12 meters), and race exactly one year later, from the 10
th to the 18th of September, 2021. Our Club is also intending to re-start our monthly 2020 races as soon as it is legally and practically possible.

You can imagine that we are extremely disappointed to delay this championship. We already have -six months before the start- over 30 classics and 15 moderns expressing their intention to attend, which would have represented a great success. We have been working the last years to prepare the Europeans and the Worlds for the 6mR class in our Club, and we believe this is the correct decision to ensure that we can provide a great series of events, giving momentum to the class, and most importantly, a wide array of opportunities to race to the class members.


Considering the preceding, we are preparing to submit to ISMA a proposal for the Europeans and the Worlds for the years ahead coordinated with the different countries holding the venues.

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